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Bjay WatchDatBaby “Move” ft WNC Whop Beezy [Video]

Most people think of the Big Easy when it comes to Louisiana, but there’s a rapper by the name of BJay (WatchDatBaby) who ought to take your eyes from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Born in 1992, the multi-talent fell in love with rap at the age of 13.

BJay took his time before officially releasing music at the age of 21. He’s built an empire claiming his own club; chasing paper & branding his craft. His first hit “Turn Up” blew up in the south back in 2013. Now, he’s making a comeback with his new hit record “Move” produced by Mikki Gunz featuring buzzing Baton Rouge artist Whop Bezzy.

This club banger & will get people on their feet ready to dance. Bjay told us that his vision toward the future is continued growth, more money, and remaining focused reminding people that NOLA ain’t the only place with talent in Louisiana. Bjay is a force to be reckoned with. 

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