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Virtuoso | Interview

Virtuoso is an emcee from Boston, MA. At age 17, he was pressing his own vinyl records and appearing on international releases. In 1998, he debuted on wax and was a founding member of the Army Of The Pharoahs before graduating from high school. His his first single was “Incinerator” with “Orion’s Belt” as the B-Side, featuring Mr. Lif and Esoteric. In 2001, Virtuoso released his debut album, World War One: The Voice Of Reason, with features from Jaz-O, Jedi Mind Tricks, Casual, REKS, and more. He followed up four years later with World War Two: Evolution Of The Torturer. He then released the mixtapes Fahrenheit 617 and Big Bangers under his newly founded Big Bang Records. In 2011, Virtuoso released his most recent album, The Final Conflict, produced primarily by Blue Sky Black Death.

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