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Timid MC | Interview

Timid MC is an emcee, DJ, producer, and dancer from Honolulu, HI. He’s performed around the islands as a DJ and began making music by recording a 3-track demo with his partner. Timid moved to Florida to continue producing and emceeing and landed his song “My Soul” on a 10-disc hip hop bass compilation called Drive By Bass. Timid was previously a writer and interviewer for and, and currently He’s been featured on mixtapes globally and has received radio play in various countries as well. Timid has collaborated with Mikey D’Struction, Grand Daddy I.U., Edo G, Domingo, and others. His thought-provoking lyrics carry influences from jazz, soul, funk, and classical orchestra. His sophomore release, No Time For The Jibba Jabba. Now residing in New York City, Timid released his debut album, No Time For The Jibba Jabba, in 2007. The album features 17 tracks mostly produced by Timid himself and features production by Domingo, Lotto, and Grand Daddy I.U. The album is both personal and politically conscious while displaying lyricism and intelligence.

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