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The Incomparable Shakespeare | Interview

The Incomparable Shakespeare is an emcee from Brooklyn, NY. Influenced by the many greats from his city, Shake aims to “find ideas that everyone experiences at some level”. He relates to his audience and shows his vulnerabilities when most hip hop artists wouldn’t. Shake has appeared in several magazines including Complex and Rap Sheet, and has featured in an Ecko TV campaign and MTV’s Suckerfree. In 2013, Shake released the Invincible Dream mixtape. He followed up with the official debut album, By Any Dreams Necessary. Production was handled by The R.L., Silver, Checkmate Muzik, Graphic, I.G. Nexus, and Tiger-VS-Cobra. Guest features include Joe Trombino, Sophia Lauren, Jesse Correll, Troy Ave, and Saretta Wesley.

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