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Techniec | Interview

Techniec is an emcee from Long Beach, CA. In the 90s, he was a member of the LBC Crew alongside Bad Azz and Lil C-Style. They were signed to Doggystyle Records in 1997 and became the first group executive produced by Snoop Dogg. LBC Crew’s debut album, Haven’t You Heard, remained unreleased until 2011. They were featured on Snoop’s sophomore album, Tha Doggfather. Techniec later formed Bloc Rebel Media, designed to further his vision of music, hip hop, audio, and visual. The first release on Bloc Rebel Media was The Blacklist, a collaboration album between Techniec and producer L’s, with features from Bad Azz, Glasses Malone, Bo Roc, Enzo Ten, Marc Spitz, and more.

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