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Tab of Dead Poets | Interview

Tab is a hip hop producer, DJ, musician, and emcee from Roselle, NJ. At age 5, he was introduced to a drum set while his teacher played piano. Hearing the drums from hip hop songs by The Wu-Tang Clan and The Roots had made a strong impact on him. As a teenager, Tab was freestyling and appearing on mixtapes, making a name for himself. He began producing and experimenting with sounds beyond hip hop, and later mixed samples with live instrumentation. Tab formed hip hop duo Dead Poets with emcee Ren Thomas after a freestyle session at one of Tab’s DJ performances. The Dead Poets recorded the album, The Kenny Change Tapes, which was praised by peers. Tab then produced a solo album, Poet In The Dark, and a collaboration album, Reflections Of Goodbye, with Roebus One. Tab presents thought-provoking lyrics over grimey beats, and has recently been performing with his band Traveling In Stereo. They released a self-titled EP in 2010, where Tab handles the drums, guitar, bass, and sings.

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