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Side Effect | Interview

From Philadelphia, Side Effect is an emcee and producer whom began rhyming in the 80’s after his father brought home the movie Beat Street. In 1990, Side Effect teamed up with J. Smoove to form the group II Scandalous and record demo tapes that earned them following in the underground hip hop scene. In 2003, Side produced and released his debut album, Underground Concoction. He later linked up with Stress The White Boy and Havok (Subhoodz) to release his second album in 2004, Rocking Chair Theory. In 2006, Side released his third album, Dirt Hustlin’, which featured Rasco from Cali Agents. In 2007, Side’s 2004 mixtape, Grown Man Grizzly, features unreleased songs and freestyles. He has also recorded four songs for albums by German producers Snowgoons. In 2010, Side released another album with producer Happ G, Cabin Fever. His latest project is a mixtape with C. Raine, Hip Hop Hoarders: Buried Alive.

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