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Scott Jackson | Interview

Scott Jackson is a professional beatboxer from Toronto, ON, and arguably one of Canada’s top beatboxers. In high school, Scott was sick in bed for months with a virus that made him unable to perform daily activities. Having heard beatboxing clips from Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie, Scott learned the craft that became addictive as his skills developed. He continued developing patterns and mastering breathing techniques and competed at Scribble Jam in 2008 where he became the champion. Scott later competed in Toronto’s battle league, King Of The Dot, and has won multiple battles. He teamed up with Quincy Mack, Canada’s only professional basketball trickster, and the two visited over 300 schools across Canada to teach them about making careers out of their passions. Scott has appeared in a national Taco Bell commercial, many radio stations, CityTV, Toronto’s Got Talent, MTV Canada, and London Tonight with Jeff Leeson.

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