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Rob Sonic | Interview

Rob Sonic is a hip hop artist from the Bronx, NY. In 2000, he gained notoriety as the front man of the group Sonic Sum. Their debut The Sanity Annex garnered attention from DJ Krush, Slug (Atmosphere), Mike Ladd, Radiohead, Bobbito Garcia, and more. In 2003, Rob signed to Definitive Jux and released his debut solo album, Telicatessen, in 2004. His second solo album, Sabotage Gigante, was released in 2007. Rob is also featured on Aesop Rock’s 2007 album, None Shall Pass. In 2011, Rob teamed up with Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz under the group name Hail Mary Mallon and released the album Are You Gonna Eat That?

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