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Q Strange | Interview

Q Strange is a hip hop artist from Providence, RI. As an only child in a single parent household, he maintained a close relationship with his mother who was addicted to drugs. At age 9, Q spent time in a pediatric mental hospital when teachers found him drawing disturbing images instead of classwork. Q soon fell in love with hip hop and began writing verses at age 12. His first demo was recorded at age 14, and when his mother passed away from a drug overdose two years later, Q was forced to support himself. He linked up with a local hip hop collective of emcces, DJs, and producers known as 3rd Floor Productions. While the group had limited studio equipment, Q learned song structure and how to make beats. Recording with the group as well as solo projects, he performed shows and battled until the group crew disbanded in 1997. Q recorded an album called Murder Kill in 1997 and released a bootleg tape with a dark sound and graphic horror subject matter. Fans in the midwest dedicated a website to Q Strange, introducing the world to him. In 1999, Q released another album, Decayed Thoughts, which was earned him enough money to release his professional debut album in 2000 called Creation To ExeQtion. In 2003, Q independently released his second album, Strangeland. This album brought the murderous style that his fans loved, and balanced it with traditional hip hop and emotional tracks. Both albums moved thousands of units with no distribution outside of mail order and consignment deals with various merchants, and was widely bootlegged all over the world. Since then, Q has released several albums, with his most recent and best work to date being the 2012 album Scumbag Superstar.

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