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Planet Asia of Durag Dynasty | Interview

From Fresno, CA, Planet Asia is an emcee that emerged in the late 90s and became a popular west coast artist. In 1998, he moved from Fresno to the San Francisco Bay Area and met up with producer Fanatik. They appeared together on the track “Rules Of The Game” alongside Living Legends and The Coup. That same year, Asia released his self-titled debut album and began collaborating with Rasco as Cali Agents. In 2000, Cali Agents released the album, How The West Was One, which was honored in The Source Awards as Independent Album Of The Year. Asia then released a single, “W”, with Mystic that earned a Grammy nomination in 2002. In 2004, Asia released the album, The Grand Opening, which earned him another Independent Album Of The Year award. He then started his own record label, Gold Chain Music, with Walt Liquor. In 2006, Asia released the album, The Medicine, produced by Evidence, with co-production credits from The Alchemist, Nucleus, and Bravo (Sid Roams).

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