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Phillip Drummond | Interview

Originially from New York, Phillip Drummond is a producer, videographer, event organizer, and hip hop historian that now lives in Oakland, CA. Phillip officially began organizing battle rap events in 2002. From contributing in forums conversations on and, Phillip was introduced to a new cast of west coast talent including Okwerdz, Nocando, The Saurus, and more. Phillip is responsible for a majority of emcees appearing at Scribble Jam, JumpOff’s World Rap Championships, and Spin The Mic. He collaborated with for the Served 3 DVD and filmed the majority of footage for the Fresh Coast Battle Documentary, along with producing 5 tracks for the soundtrack. He toured Europe with Lush One and Plex Rock, thanks to Chinese Man Records. Phillip was featured on Artists & Producers To Watch Vol. 4 with Lush One, and together they released an album in 2008, Music For Dope Runs. In 2010, Phillip released two albums; Roll With The Punches with Franco and Philthy Australia with Australian emcees. He has also released 18 beat tapes from past beat battles.

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