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Oddisee Interview

Oddisee is an emcee and producer from Washington D.C. He spent summers traveling back and forth to Sudan with his family. Growing up in NYC, his father was a musician who allowed his son to start producing with analog equipment in the basement of their neighbor who was a member of the band Parliament Funkadelic. By age 21, Oddisee was making a living from his craft, and he formed the group Diamond District alongside X.O. and yU. As an independent artist, he’s booked his own international tours and has marketed and promoted himself the same way. In 2010, Oddisee released the album Traveling Man, followed by the instrumental album Rock Creek Park in 2011. He then released a series of Odd Seasons EPs over a 12-month period. In 2012, Oddisee released the album People Hear What They See which focuses on his life experiences, local politics, love and selfishness, and personal conflicts. In 2013, he released his second instrumental album The Beauty in All and his most recent album Tangible Dream. Oddisee is now an artist and consultant at Mello Music Group.

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