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Mindbender Supreme | Interview

Mindbender Supreme is an emcee, activist, and journalist from Toronto, Canada. His encompasses intellectual song concepts, creative metaphors, and deep social commentaries. For several years, he has hosted and organized Toronto’s most popular and longest running open mic showcase, called In Divine Style. Mindbender also involves himself in volunteer collectives, using hip hop music and culture to help children’s self-development. Mindbender completed background work on 50 Cent’s film Get Rich Or Die Trying and Mos Def and Bruce Willis’ film Sixteen Blocks. As a columnist for Pound Magazine for over three years, Mindbender has written cover stories on Kanye West, John Legend, Prince Paul, Twista, Kool G Rap, Young Buck, Phonte, and more. In 2006, Mindbender recorded an acappella album, The Invisible Rhythm Showcase, and the mixtape, No More Mr. Fucking Nice Guy Vol. 2: The Blasphemy Masterpiece. Since then, Mindbender has released several more projects and music videos.

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