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Matt Maddox | Interview

Matt Maddox is an emcee from Long Beach, CA. His family moved to Hawaii and the first cassette tape he purchased at age 7 was by Public Enemy. Traveling back and forth from southern California and Hawaii, Matt was able to record a project in 2009, The Invasion, with his former group, Guerilla War Tactix. In 2010, he joined Red Phone Records and released his debut album, Asylum Artistry, featuring Sadat X, Canibus, Sabac Red, and more. In 2014, Matt released his sophomore album, Righteous Fury, with production from Skammadix, Nemesis, C-Lance, Vanderslice, Sicknature, Hellzwind, and more. Guest appearances include UG (Cella Dwellas), Mina Fedora, King Magnetic, Reef The Lost Cauze, Burke The Jurke, TMB, Tragedy Khadafi, and more.

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