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Manny Faces of Birthplace Magazine | Interview

Manny Faces is a journalist, DJ, producer, and radio host from Long Island, NY. As a producer, he has created remixes and mixtapes on his bandcamp page with songs by Mary J. Blige, Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, and many others. As a journalist, Manny owns the web site, covering New York hip hop culture, music, events, newsworthy topics, and social discussions. He recently petitioned the FCC to take Hot 97 off the air after years of Hot 97 claiming “where hip hop lives” when they avoid supporting New York artists, avoid representing any other elements of the culture besides emceeing, and they are strictly for-profit with no support for the community. As a radio host, Manny runs two channels, The NY Hip Hop Report and The Manny Faces Show, speaking with special guest artists and influential figures in the community about social issues, hip hop history, and other related topics. Check out for great journalism on the hip hop community.

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