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JoJo Pellegrino | Interview

JoJo Pellegrino is an emcee, artist, actor, producer, and director from Staten Island, NY. He began rhyming at age 10, later was kicked out of high school for constantly fighting, and battled rappers in the projects who were ready to fight. In 1993, JoJo met Shyheim and saw The Wu-Tang Clan formation and success rise. JoJo and his friend Calogero formed an Italian rap group called Chapter Regime and released a 12″ single called “Crime Family”. It received radio play on Hot 97 in 1996. A few years later, JoJo signed to Violator Records which increased his buzz before the momentum dwindled and his debut album that cost $1 million to make was shelved. His first song leaked, “Fogedaboudid”, and won DJ Clue’s Battle Of The Streets by the listeners of Hot 97. In 2008, JoJo released his first album independently, Hitman For Hire, which received flawless reviews in several magazines.

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