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Hakim Green of Channel Live | Interview

Hakim Green is an emcee, manager, A&R, and educator from East Orange, NJ. Also a member of the hip hop group Channel Live, discovered by KRS-One, the duo released the 1995 debut album, Station Identification, which went gold. Their most popular song was “Mad Izm”, and they later appeared on the Blade Soundtrack and KRS’ self-titled album. In 2000, Channel Live released their second album, Armaghetto, followed by a third album, Secret Science Rap, in 2006. Hakim went on to do consulting work with singer Carl Thomas and producer Mike City, releasing the singles “I Wish” and “Make it Alright” on Bad Boy Entertainment. Hakim helped Nas and Sony with the visuals in the music video “Got Yourself A Gun”. He also worked on film projects with LL Cool J, Nelly, and Scarface. In 2007, Hakim reunited with KRS-One to relaunch the Stop The Violence Movement. In 2011, Hakim released a solo mixtape, Hip Hop Nation, with features from Method Man, Queen Latifah, Black Rob, KRS-One, Marco Polo, Monie Love, and more. Currently Hakim runs a podcast with author Baba Nu Mensa Ogun called The Hour Of Truth, where they discuss interesting and controversial topics in society.

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