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Garcia | Interview

Garcia is an emcee from Miami, FL. Influenced by Public Enemy, Nas, and NWA, he began rapping at age 14. Two years later his first single was pressed and manufactured. His determination paid off with his music video from the debut single “None Of Dem” being aired on Mun2’s show The Roof and landed on the top 5 countdown. Garcia’s debut album, Anti-Social, was released in 2004 and voted “one of the best to come out of Miami” by the Miami New Times. Garcia’s buzz caught the attention of Miami’s Mixtape King DJ EFN of Crazy Hood Productions who reached out to develop a partnership. In 2005, Garcia was featured in URB Magazine’s Next 100 and was crowned Miami’s Best Local Rapper by the Miami New Times. He was also seen in MTV’s series My Block: Miami and the TLC show Miami Ink. With multiple albums under his belt including the 2012 release of, Off The Beaten Path, and countless music videos, Garcia has proven to be an artist to support.

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