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G. Stats of One Click Bang | Interview

G. Stats is an emcee from Brooklyn, NY. In the 90s, he was signed to Power Records with his late neighborhood friend Half-A-Mill. After three of Stats’ close affiliates passed away, he left the label and created his own group One Click Bang alongside Low Banga, Big BizNess, and E.L.M.O. The group was featured on Ruste Juxx’s album Adamantine in 2010 and Ruste & VStheBest’s album Ready To Juxx in 2013. One Click Bang released their own mixtapes Banned From Da Radio Volumes 1 & 2, Apex, Pain Muzik, and No Water Volumes 1 & 2. When they teamed up with Skanks The Rap Martyr and others to create an 11-man super group called Bankai Fam, they released On My Side EP through Shinigamie Records with the support of DJ and producer Kyo Itachi from France.

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