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DJ Trumastr | Interview

DJ Trumastr is a producer, photographer, DJ, and educator from Albany, NY. In 2006, Trumastr founded Beat*Shot Productions, a group of talented radio personalities, DJs, emcees, photographers, and promoters. In 2011, the Beat*Shot Electric Company was created to focus on promoting electro, house, and dub-step music. Beat*Shot hosts two annual events, Beat*Shot Music Fest and Beat*Shot Spins For J. Dilla. The music festival is a three day event, showcasing indie artists, visual artists, and local businesses in the northeast. Beat*Shot Spins For J. Dilla celebrates the life of producer J. Dilla while raising awareness of Lupus and raising money for The J. Dilla Foundation. Trumastr also teaches the techniques of DJing to the inner city youth in an after school program. Check out Trumastr’s mixtapes from 2010, Greek Soul Food Mixtape Vol. 1 and InsideOUt Mixtape Vol. 2.

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