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What Inspires DJ JS-1 | Interview

DJ JS-1 is a turntablist and producer from Queens, NY. Starting out in the late 80s, he is one of the few remaining hip hop DJs that produces his own albums, tours the globe, releases quality mixes, and maintains a high level of integrity. As a member of the Rock Steady Crew and partner with Rahzel, the world’s most famous beatboxer, JS-1 has toured the globe performing over 1,200 shows in over 40 countries. He has additionally toured with KRS-One and has appeared on television in multiple countries, known for scratching with his foot. JS-1’s Ground Original album series includes songs from hip hop pioneers and underground lyricists as “all-star lineup” collaborations over his production. In 2011, JS released the album, No One Cares: Ground Original 3, and is finishing his upcoming album, It Is What It Isn’t.

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