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DJ Grouch | Interview

DJ Grouch is a hip hop DJ from Toronto, ON. At age 10, he was b-boying with friends and later gained an interest in being a DJ after seeing the LL Cool J music video, “I’m Bad”. In 1990, he earned his first set of turntables and was spinning at house parties. He would fill in shows on CHRY 105.5, and in 1993, Grouch landed his own show that lasted over 10 years. He’s competed in various DJ competitions around Toronto and won his first battle against rival D-Scratch. The two later formed a group together, Turnstylez, with Lil Jaz and showcased all three members on six turntables simultaneously. DJ Grouch’s cuts have been featured on tracks by Saukrates, Elemental, Esthero, Grassroots, Nautilus, and others. He is currently the DJ for singer Melanie Durrant and an instructor at Scratch Lab DJ Institute.

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