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Da Ded Rabbidz | Interview

From Brooklyn, NY, Paulie Nugent and Scotty Edge are known as Da Ded Rabbidz. As former members of the early 90s pioneering hip hop group known as Lordz Of Brooklyn, the group filmed a music video for the single, “Saturday Night Fever”, directed by the late Ted Demme, creator of Yo! MTV Raps. The video appeared twice on MTV’s show Beavis & Butthead. Later, Paulie branched off with members of Sublime to form a multi-genre fused group known as Burn Unit. The group released an album in 2001, Behind The Bar. Paulie was also featured on the Long Beach Dub Allstars album in 2001, Wonders Of The World, where he produced and recorded the track “Talkin’ The Truth”. As Da Ded Rabbidz, Paulie and Scotty have released a music video for the single, “Stand Tall”, and many other tracks from the Rabbidz are available on Soundcloud.

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