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CSJQ | Interview

Clayton Savage and JayQuan make up the pioneering hip hop duo from Virginia known as CSJQ. Clayton is a producer, engineer, singer, and musician. He made his national debut as one of the members of the Furious 5, along with Grandmaster Melle Mel. As a house musician for Sugarhill Records, Clayton has produced for Sequence, The West Street Mob, Kool Moe Dee, Bunny Sigler, Lisa Danielle, and Shonte. He later signed with EMI / Manhattan and released his self-titled album which included the hits “Virgin Lover”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, and “Palm Of Her Hand”, which became the theme music for BET’s Video Soul show. Virgin Lover gave Clayton the distinction as one of the first artists with an explicit warning sticker on an album cover. JayQuan is an emcee and DJ whom has recorded with Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 and Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers. JayQuan has recorded many regional and nationwide hip hop singles throughout the 1980s as front man of the Too Def Crew and the First Sons. JayQuan is also the creator and webmaster of The Foundation, which Rodney C of the Funky 4 calls “the bible regarding information on early hip hop culture”. In 2011, CSJQ fused hip Hop with R&B and Rock on an EP called The Life.

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