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Craig G Interview

Craig G is an emcee from Queens, NY. At age 12, he recorded the single “Shout” with Marley Marl and was featured with The Juice Crew on the hit song “The Symphony” in 1988. Craig signed with Atlantic Records and released two albums, The Kingpin (1989) and Now, That’s More Like It (1991). His third album, This Is Now, was released in 2003, featuring DJ Premier, Marley Marl, and Da Beatminerz. Craig is also known for defeating Supernatural in a freestyle battle in 1997. In the early 2000s, Craig wrote the battle verses for Eminem’s film, 8 Mile. The following year, he wrote lyrics for 50 Cent’s film, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. In 2012, Craig released his latest album, Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man.

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