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Coole High | Interview

Coole High is an emcee and producer from Brooklyn, NY. As a young piano player and son of a saxophonist, he discovered his ability to write and entered talent shows and school concerts. In 1998, Coole produced his debut album, From The Ground Up. In 2000, he started a company called ReddOktoba Productions to release music, and produced a showcase for burgeoning artists that led to a friendship and collaborations with Tah Phrum Duh Bush. The duo toured the west coast together and merged projects to form Future Insomniac, a hip hop play directed by Gus Gauntlet. The play opened to a sold out crowd at NYC’s Santos Party House. As a martial arts student for over a decade, Coole worked as music supervisor for the martial arts action film “The Empty Hand”. In 2009, Coole designed a promo package, pairing his album, Casual Attire, with homemade cheesecake exclusively for orders within New York’s five boroughs.

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