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Breakbeat Lou of Ultimate Breaks & Beats | Interview

From Bronx, NY, BreakBeat Lou is a DJ and legend in the music industry. As a b-boy in 1973 and a disc jockey in 1974, Lou began a production career in 1981. He has worked in every facet of the industry, most recognized for creating the Ultimate Breaks & Beats compilation with the late Lenny Roberts. This legendary series has been sampled by hip hop’s elite producers including DJ Premier, Large Professor, The Bomb Squad, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, and Marley Marl. The series has been instrumental in the production of countless classic recordings over the years. Ultimate Breaks & Beats became the blueprint for sampled music and remains highly influential to this day. Contemporary producers continue to depend on the compilation. Lou went on to start Beat Junky Productions alongside the late editor and producer Jose Chep Nuñez, where they worked with Tim Dog, Ultramagnetic MCs, the late Scott LaRock, the late Paul C, and many more artists. BreakBeat Lou’s latest mix CD is called Da Diggin’ Ek-Suh-Bish-Uhn.

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