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Asheru of Unspoken Heard | Interview

Asheru is an emcee, educator, and activist from Washington, DC. In 1996, he earned a degree in Anthropology from the University of Virginia, where he also formed a relationship with Wesley Jackson. Wesley founded the hip hop label, Seven Heads Entertainment, and signed Unspoken Heard in 1996, consisting of Asheru and his older brother, Blue Black. The two released several 12” singles and EPs, and their debut album in 2001, Soon Come. In 2003, their second album, 48 Months, was released, followed by the compilation, No Edge Ups In South Africa, featuring with Talib Kweli and artists from Seven Heads Entertainment. Asheru demonstrates a desire to improve the attitude of black peoples towards liberation through education and self-empowerment. Asheru has been a teacher since 1997, specializing in curriculum development and arts-based instruction. He continues to advocate and mentor youth in schools and juvenile detention centers, promoting literacy as an intervention against youth violence, incarceration, unemployment, and crime. Asheru has also written several songs for the TV series, The Boondocks, including the theme song. His contribution to the episode, Return Of The King, has earned him a Peabody Award for Journalism in 2006. Check out his latest album, Sleepless In Soweto.

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