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Ardamus | Interview

From Nashville, TN, Ardamus is an emcee and producer that began rhyming at age 8. He began battling in freestyle cyphers, performing with groups, and competing in talent shows. By age 17, Ardamus moved to Washington, DC for college. While traveling back and forth from Nashville to DC, he completed his first instrumental project, Life Is A Humbling Experience. Ardamus became one of the first participants to receive the DC Young Artists grant. He performed with Spoken Resistance, a youth arts group that dealt with social change. Upon that connection, Ardamus met Cheri Latson and formed the group Sitcalm. Ardamus’ debut album, When Nothing Goes Right, received airplay on XM Radio. He then recorded a project with producer The Metaphysical, A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living, a mixtape called When Everything Goes Wrong 2.0, and an album with Double Plus under the group name ARDAPLUS, called A Fistfull Of Plutonium.

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