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4TWO7 aka Walt Liquor | Interview

4TWO7 is an emcee, producer, DJ, manager, and engineer from San Francisco, CA. In the 90s, he owned a 24-track recording studio and collaborated with many artists including Mystik Journeymen, The Grouch, Murs, and Zion I. He then spent a decade as a talent manager for artists such as Mystic, Planet Asia, Jake One, and Maroon 5, helping with major label deals, Grammy nominations and song placements. 4TWO7 was instrumental in shaping the Bay Area’s independent hip hop scene, including distributing and promoting the regional music to retail outlets around the globe. In 2012, 4TWO7 reunited with his passion of making music, and released his debut album, Internal Dialogue, with features from Planet Asia, TriState, Casual, Fashawn, and more. Production includes mostly by 4TWO7 and his partners Blozart and Knock Squared, along with Veterano, BobbyOzuna, and Bedrock.

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