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RBX | Interview

RBX is an emcee and singer from Long Beach, CA. As the cousin of Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger, RBX joined Death Row Records in 1992 after giving Snoop a ride to Dr. Dre’s studio. RBX made cameos on Dr. Dre’s 1992 classic album The Chronic and Snoop’s 1993 classic album Doggystyle. In 1994, RBX left Death Row Records and released his debut album, The RBX Files, on Premeditated Records in 1995. The album was produced by Greg “Gregski” Royal, who was a production team member for The Chronic. In 1996, RBX signed to Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath. He was featured on the 1996 compilation Dr. Dre Presents… The Aftermath. He has released several other solo albums, including a feature on Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP in 2000. RBX was also featured in the 2011 documentary Rhyme & Punishment.

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