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Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon) | Interview

From Baltimore, MD, Raf Almighty represents the hip hop duo Dirt Platoon, along with his brother Snook Da Crook. Dirt Platoon represents the lifestyle of Baltimore and real hip hop. They promote longevity in life, love, and family unity. Inspired by Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, and many other hip hop pioneers, Dirt Platoon has been educating hoods across the U.S. since 2002, with their debut album, Daily Routine. The second album, Mood Swingz, was released in 2004, focusing on their intellect, lives, struggles, and hip hop in its former states. In 2005, Dirt Platoon’s third album was released, The Introduction: Operation 410, and became their first project to be released on the Internet. In 2010, they released The Brute & The Brains, along with music videos the two singles. That same year, the duo signed a recording contract with Brake Fast Records, an independent label based in Maryland. Dirt Platoon released their seventh project with Brake Fast Records, Deeper Than Dirt.

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