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PH aka Pumpkinhead | Interview

PH (formerly Pumpkinhead) grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with his sister and mother in a two bedroom apartment. As a 10 year old B-Boy, PH battled crews alone as a measure of skill and quickly learned to become an emcee. A friend of PH handed radio host Bobbito Garcia a demo tape of PH’s music, which he played for eight weeks straight on DJ Stretch Armstrong’s show. Soon after, PH joined Makin’ Records to release his first 12″ single called “Dynamic”. PH holds two Braggin’ Rites championships, several End Of The Weak (EOW) challenge championships, and still occasionally competes in rap battles. Besides his solo projects, PH emcees as a member of the group Brooklyn Academy and his crew The Plague. In 2005, PH released a well-received album, Orange Moon Over Brooklyn. He has continued to release essential music to the hip hop community such as Picture That (The Negative) and Brooklyn Academy’s Bored Of Education in 2008, the 90’s classics remake mixtape My Era (No Skinny Jeans Allowed), and most recently the 2011 release of Know The Ledge.

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