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Masta Ace & KIC Beats describe The Falling Season album | Interview

Legendary emcee Masta Ace is one of the most consistent and creative Hip Hop artists in history, releasing quality music for over 25 years. His latest album, The Falling Season, is a collaboration effort with Los Angeles producer KIC Beats. In this video interview with TheBeeShine, KIC Beats talks about his influences of Jazz music, J. Dilla, and A Tribe Called Quest that led him to create music himself. While KIC’s manager O-Phrap was sending beats to Wordsworth, they were also being heard by Masta Ace, leading to another working relationship. Ace explains how his writing process has changed from the 80s and 90s with a rhyme pad to the 2000s with cell phones. He discusses The Falling Season to be a present tense representation of the early 80s, beginning with the start of Ace attending high school in Sheepshead Bay and ending with graduation during senior year. Ace has always kept tradition of using skits to depict a story, bridge songs together, and enhance the full album listening experience. With the skits on The Falling Season, legendary radio disc jockeys World Famous Supreme Team make an appearance as themselves, since this was a huge part of Ace’s story and his upbringing. Ace remembers setting an alarm to wake up at 2AM to record the radio show onto cassette and wake up with a mix show that he couldn’t wait to play. As far as the kids on the skits interacting with one another, Ace’s voice would not pass for a believable teenager. Instead, he recruited the children of Ace’s actual high school friends to play their parents as teenagers. The Falling Seasons also includes the Sheepshead Bay High School football coach playing himself, now aged in his 70s. The album track list and guest features have yet to be announced, along with a release date. However, the project will be available digitally as well as CD and vinyl. Follow Masta Ace on Facebook to stay updated on The Falling Season.

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