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Masta Ace brings “Young Black Intelligent” to Sheepshead Bay High School

Masta Ace’s latest album The Falling Season re-enacts the trials and tribulations of his high school years. Ace’s message is that the difficult decisions we make from peer pressure as young teenagers can drastically affect the rest of our lives, for better or for worse. With the recent release of The Falling Season, produced entirely by Los Angeles producer KIC Beats, Ace and KIC describe the album in depth in this interview with TheBeeShine.

Additionally, Ace visited Sheepshead Bay High School; the very same high school that Ace attended in Brooklyn. He spoke with students who are the same age that Ace was when he was faced with some serious life decisions. The focus of the lecture (filmed by Joshua “Lega-C” Rodriguez) was about the single “Young Black Intelligent” which directly addresses how many of Masta Ace’s friends decided to make money illegally and ended up in prison for decades. Ace credits his mother and grandmother for instilling the values in him to make his own choices and avoid danger. Listen to The Falling Season below and check out this lecture video from Sheepshead Bay High School.

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