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Lush One responds to The Wrist: “How Not To Watch Battle Rap” | Interview

Back in April of 2014, “battle rap not legend” The Wrist recorded his frustrations with the ever-growing fans at rap battle events. The way that fans react to strong punchlines and witty lyrics has changed for the worse. The Wrist explains that instead of cheering or clapping, fans are using the expression “MMMM” which can be translated to an aggressive “grr” sound or eating a delicious meal. Lush One has responded to The Wrist’s claim in this video with TheBeeShine. Lush explains that the origin of the “MMMM” response originates from Conceited as his way of being impressed with certain lyrics. Lush goes on to say that this is a sign of new fans attempting to adapt or fit in with the more senior battle rap figures such as Conceited himself. Lush’s advice is to simply have fun, relax, and laugh as you naturally would. Although rap battle leagues in different countries have their unique and respective crowd reactions, the notion of growling like a lion is a direct bite from a popular figure in the scene. Lush closes his comments with the statement “your credibility is determined by the work you put in, the respect you show, the respect you get, your skill level, and nothing else”. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the topic.

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