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Kid Vishis | Interview

Kid Vishis is an emcee from Detroit, MI. He grew up listening to rap music and would constantly freestyle. After high school, Vishis and his friends would seek out open mics and start getting positive feedback. His biological brother Royce Da 5’9″ was on the road a lot and only knew Vishis to play basketball until Royce’s friends updated him. In 2003, Vishis was in the studio with his brother and Royce asked him to rap. Two months later, Vishis was recording for Royce’s mixtape, M.I.C. Vol. 1. Vishis began touring the country as a hype man for his brother and would get the chance to freestyle on stage and at radio appearances. In 2007, Vishis released Vishis Is Me: The Sick Em Mixtape Vol. 1, with many appearances from Royce. In 2014, he released his official debut album, Timing Is Everything. The majority of the album is produced by Chase Moore with additional production by Nick Zervos, Mr. Porter, and Nemisis.

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