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Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey describe That Grit album and their relationship | Interview

DC producer Kev Brown and upstate NY emcee Hassaan Mackey remember the first time they met at a hip hop festival in New York over 12 years ago. Hassaan became familiar with Kev’s Low Budget Crew and initially started collaborating with Kenn Starr. When he decided to record a project strictly with Kev, Hassaan would take a bus to DC every few weeks and record a few songs at a time. In this video, Kev and Hassaan talk about the creative process to making their album That Grit and how they sequenced the songs. Kev states “the whole project is super emceeing, rapping, hardcore hip hop”. That Grit is produced entirely by Kev Brown and features Asheru, Grap Luva, Kenn Starr, Kaimbr, yU, Toine, and Eye-Q. Purchase That Grit here.

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