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Kaitlin Riegel breaks down the 41.9 EP | Interview

New Zealand singer/songwriter Kaitlin Riegel released her latest project, the 41.9 EP. In this interview with TheBeeShine, she talks about the beginning of creating this project while playing piano in her room. Kaitlin met up with her band to record the instrumental parts in New Zealand and flew to London to work with producer James Yuill and complete the rest of the production. Kaitlin speaks on how much work goes into making an album and that this EP includes five cohesive songs that blend together conceptually. Her songs are derived from an experience that is being processed, as she states “Song lyrics and music itself takes things to a new level. When a normal conversation isn’t enoguh, you have a song. That fills in the missing articulation and creates the emotion behind what you’re trying to say.” Check out the 41.9 EP here:

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