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Jonny P (ChopItUp Records) | Interview

Jonny P is a hip hop producer from southern New Jersey. In 2008, he started the entertainment company Nothin 2 Sumthin with producer friend Brian Rash. That same year, they released an album called Real Music For Real People, with guest appearances from local talent. The following year, they released Sell Your Music, Not Yourself. A third member, Ken Burg, joined the group and the three released Past, Present, Future in 2010. Jonny P is a passionate producer with hundreds of beats in his archives. In 2012, he released the instrumental album 2500 To Life. He is currently producing with E21 and working with Reggae artist Dax Lion and Biggz Da General, grandson of the late music legend Bob Marley. Jonny and E21 have most recently established the production company, ChopItUp Records.

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