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Jise One describes The Passion Of Jise album and dreaming in color & sound | Interview

Jise One of the legendary Arsonists crew has released his most cohesive album to date. After losing files from his last two albums due to studio issues, Jise started from scratch and began looking through his dream journals for song ideas. When both of his brothers passed away, Jise began having dreams with a reoccurring character and was advised to write about them in his journal upon waking up. He turned these dreams into Passion Of The Jise, an album that was three years in the making. The reoccurring character is known as Mr. Sunshine and other characters are reminiscent of Jise’s two older brothers. In this vidoe, Jise also talks about dreaming in color and sound, which inspired some of the production on the album. Most of the production is handled by Q-Unique, while other beats are produced by Frank Sasoon, IDE, and more. Purchase Passion Of The Jise here.

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