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Franky V & Snoop Dogg recording studio

Franky V describes the recording studio experience with Snoop Dogg | Interview

Franky V, Project Coordinator at Stampede Management, is the man behind much of Snoop Dogg’s vocal mixing and sound engineering. He knows Snoop on both a personal level and professional level and provides TheBeeShine with some insider insight. In this video interview, Franky shares his thoughts on Snoop as a creative artist and what it’s like to work with the west coast legend on a consistent basis. “He’s very real and in the moment. You can tell when he’s into something and when he’s going through the motion.” Franky says. He mentions Snoop being the hardest working person that he knows. “Everyone wants to work with him and they genuinely look up to him as a godfather (of west coast Hip Hop).” Franky also appreciates the fact that Snoop has stayed inspired after decades of working and still loves what he does.

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