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DJ Ready Red on the Geto Boys History

New Jersey native DJ Ready Red is the original DJ for the legendary Houston rap group Geto Boys. After visiting his sister for a few weeks in Texas, he went to some hip hop parties and met the right people. In this interview with TheBeeShine, Red shares his early memories about the group and its history. The group had nine original members and were called Ghetto Boys prior to producer Rick Rubin changing the name. Red was the first producer to sample the movie Scarface in hip hop records and the only DJ to perform with all nine members. In the 1980s, the Geto Boys embarked on the Wipeout Tour with Fat Boys, Dana Dane, and Salt-N-Pepa. Soon after, members began leaving the group to seek other ventures or record solo albums. When the Geto Boys released the album Grit It On The Other Level, the city of Houston became recognized nationally and the Geto Boys toured small clubs around the country. Ready Red eventually parted ways from the group. One reason was from a fan being proud to tell him that he enjoyed listening to the Geto Boys while committing violent crimes. The other reason is shared by Red at the end of this interview. Check it out!

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