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DJ Infame | Interview

DJ Infame is a talented and popular DJ in Baltimore, MD. Mentored by DJ 5 Starr, Infame’s experience extends to Baltimore’s premier party spots such as Hammer Jack, 5 Seasons, Have A Nice Day Cafe, and more. His promotion and mixtape distribution has helped Infame gain a sense of self-awareness to focus on developing his brand and not just being another DJ. DJ Infame entered the Baltimore/DC entertainment night life scene with the help of DJ Quicksilva. Infame soon joined Street Jock USA, DJ Lil Mic, DJ Reddz, Supa DJ Big L, DJ 5 Starr, Legion Of Doom in Atlanta, and the Atlantic Elite DJs. Infame’s list of clientele for his musical services include Ray Lewis, Carmelo Anthony, Sam Cassell, Mario, Paula Campbell, T.I., Jadakiss, TLC, and more.

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