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DJ Fred Ones shares a KRS-One recording studio experience | Interview

DJ Fred Ones owns T.M.E. PRO Recordings in the Bronx and has been a contributing producer and DJ to the hip hop community for many years. The studio has recorded artists such as Akbar, Just-Ice, KRS-One, and has even hosted a filming session of unreleased scenes for Ice-T’s documentary, The Art Of Rap. In this video interview with Fred Ones, he remembers one particular studio session with the blastmaster KRS-One where five songs were recorded and completed in a span of 90 minutes. Fred goes on to describe the professionalism and work ethic of KRS, stating that he recorded one song after the other, “…back to back to back to back…”. He attributes this productiveness to many years of practice since the 1980s when artists had to hone their skills before they could step into a studio.

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