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DJ Eclipse | Interview

Born in Providence, RI, DJ Eclipse is a renowned hip hop DJ whom began spinning records in 1985 after moving to Columbia, SC. In 1992, he moved to New York to produce MC Serch’s (3rd Bass) sophomore album. Eclipse was given the opportunity to fill in for Stretch Armstrong on his weekly radio show, and later for Mayhem on WNYU. In 1994, working at Wild Pitch Records in retail promotion, Eclipse met Sabac Red, which led to the formation of a group with ILL BILL and Goretex known as Non Phixion. In 1995, DJ Jab, the owner of Fat Beats, brought Eclipse in to help out with the record store on weekends. The store became a worldwide company and Eclipse was overseeing all retail operations until he left in 2002 to co-run Uncle Howie Records with group member ILL BILL. That same year, Non Phixion released their underground classic album, The Future Is Now. In 1997, after spinning at many of the break beats parties in the Bronx, Crazy Legs offered Eclipse the opportunity to DJ for the legendary Rock Steady Crew. In 1998, Eclipse started a hip hop radio program, The Halftime Show with DJ Riz and Lynn Gonzalez. Eclipse also manages the hip hop super group La Coka Nostra. His dedication for playing and breaking real rap records on the air landed him a “fill in” slot on DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz radio show on Sirius XM whenever Premier is on tour. Eclipse later earned his own show on Sirius XM, Rap Is Outta Control, which airs every Sunday night from 10pm-12am on Hip Hop Nation.

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