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Bryan Scheiner Interview on Revolutionary TV

Recently, Bryan Scheiner, founder of was interviewed by David Minai of Revolutionary TV. David traveled from the Bay Area of California to interview significant hip hop artists in NYC and also reached out to Bryan to get some insight on the similar passion that they share. This video interview is Bryan’s most in-depth and detailed description of his motivation and dedication to document hip hop’s greatest and most influential artists. Check out the video and share it!

1. How was TheBeeShine created? (0:10)
2. How did you connect with artists to interview them? (1:42)
3. What makes TheBeeShine unique? (2:48)
4. What’s a memorable story from your interviews? (4:19)
5. What’s your vision for TheBeeShine? (5:40)
6. What do you want people to take away from TheBeeShine interviews? (10:26)
7. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers? (11:38)
8. What impact do you want TheBeeShine to have? (12:34)

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