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Audible Doctor (Brown Bag AllStars) | Interview

The Audible Doctor is a producer and emcee from Madison, WI. As a child, he spent countless hours in the kitchen with his toy keyboard, with that same drive and passion following him over the years. He took piano lessons, guitar lessons, and joined the city choir until finding his niche with hip hop. Introduced to hip hop by his older brother, The Audible Doctor began collecting records and DJing parties in high school. When he bought a digital 4-track recorder, he was writing rhymes, making beats, and recording himself and other local artists. The Audible Doctor moved to New York to attend an audio engineering school in Manhattan. After graduating, he began interning at the Fat Beats Records store where he met his future group members of Brown Bag AllStars. In 2010, The Audible Doctor began pursuing music full-time while amassing a large discography of projects and still counting.

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